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For many centuries shawls and scarves have had well-deserved attention and love, and have been essential items of women’s wardrobe. And to this day it is the most democratic attribute for all women, regardless of age and social status, that adds dignity and majesty to their image. The designer has had the idea of creating designer prints using gems for a long time.

And today Amina Fedorenko presents her new exclusive collection of scarves. This work has been done with special love and attention to details. By carefully selecting colour combination and mixing animalistic motifs and elements of stylized plant shapes, precious stones gained tangible volume. Each scarf is unique.

This headwear can easily transform a simple everyday dress into elegant, smart and stylish look and emphasize your originality without additional accessories. It is the best gift! The collection includes 20 types of design for the most discerning taste. Be your own stylist!